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Can I cut the length and the height of your rolled fencing material?

To change the length of the rolled fencing, you need a wire cutter and just twist the wire that are woven to the material and cut to your desired length.

To cut the height of the rolled fencing you need a power chop saw ideally with a small tooth saw blade, the smaller tooth blade will lessen the splitting of the material when cutting. First, you need to tie two spots left and right 2 inches away from the cutting line, the tight tie around the rolled fence will prevent the material from moving from the cutting angle. Secondly, make sure you run your saw blade spin on full speed before you lower the blade and cut the material, this will help to lessen the splitting of the material during cutting.

Always use extreme caution when using power tools, and make sure you use full protection gear, such as glasses and gloves.



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