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How long will willow, bamboo, heather brushwood, fern,  and white fern fencing last in the outdoors?

The answer varies depending on the location and the condition of the property where you install the fences. Dry and sunny locations will help prolong the life span of the fences, while wet areas and moisture will sometimes infect the fences with mold and dark patches can form on the surfaces. Like any kind of outdoor structure,  your fencing should be power washed once a year with mild detergent and a coat of fresh sealer to help prevent the fences from deteriorating.

The general life span of willow fences is 6-8 years, bamboo is 10-12 years, heather is 8-10 years, fern and white fern is 6-8 years. With daily maintenance and care, your fences can last beyond their years.



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