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What are the location, cultural requirements for planters, containers, and raised bed?

Location and cultural requirements include:

bulletFull sun or at least six hours of sun a day is recommended for raised planters and containers; eight to ten hours if vegetables are to be grown. If full sun is not available, then choose shade-tolerant plants, such as begonias and impatiens.


bulletAll raised planters and container gardens will need more watering than a standard garden. A water source should be nearby, and the hose should be light, accessible, and easy-to-use for a gardener with limited strength and mobility. It may be worth the investment to install automatic or trickle irrigation systems in permanent planters. Attachments that are of value to the gardener include an on/off valve at the hose end; extension nozzles; water breakers; and easy-to-use, lever-controlled water faucets.


bulletFertilizer usually is incorporated into the soil at the time the planter is filled. Later applications are based on normal requirements of the plants.


bulletMulching is a must with most of the larger raised planters as it slows the evaporation of water from the bed and helps keep the soil cool for the roots. Mulching is also an excellent weed deterrent. Weed-free organic material is preferred for mulching so that it enriches the soil as it decays.


bulletMost pest control should be done by hand and without chemicals to avoid the danger presented by working with toxic substances. However, if chemicals are needed, contact your local extension agent for specific recommendations.



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