Bonsai Styles


The formal upright style is considered the easiest for the novice bonsai grower. This style features a straight trunk and a bottom branch that is lower and extends farther from the trunk than the opposite branch.
The trunk in the informal upright style bends slightly to the front. This bend helps to give the style its look of informality.
In the slanting style, the trunk has a more acute angle than in the informal upright style. The lowest branch spreads in a direction opposite to that in which the tree slants.
The cascade style of bonsai represents a natural tree growing down the face of an embankment. A cascaded planting usually looks best in a round or hexagonal container.
The semicascade style has a curving trunk that does not reach the bottom of the container as in the cascade style. Prostrate junipers and flowering plants are well adapted to both of these styles.


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