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The nutrients in fertilizers and manures that give us the lush, quick growth we want in our vegetable gardens may also contribute to pollution problems. If we apply nutrients at the wrong time or incorrectly, they can move through the soil by leaching, erode with surface soil, or wash into storm drains in heavy rains, polluting our groundwater, streams, lakes, and ultimately, the ocean.

Fertilizers are derived from either chemical or organic sources and may be purchased in many different formulations. Composts and manures can be used as fertilizers and soil amendments. Most organic fertilizers contain small amounts of nutrients that are released to the soil over an extended time. The major benefit of adding these organic materials is in improving the soil structure, allowing it to drain better, and, at the same time, hold nutrients longer. Mulches such as straw, wood chips, and pine needles can hold nutrients longer as well as slow down the movement of water, reducing erosion

Your responsibility in using fertilizers safely and effectively results in a healthier lawn and better water quality. Remember when you take care of the environment, the environment will take care of you and your surrounding world!

Few topics on the left column deals with different issues about the uses of fertilizers in the garden.

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