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Design is an integral part of a hospitality business success

The layout of a hospitality business and the furnishings are two very important aspects to consider when initially designing or re-designing your business, no matter if you running a cafe, restaurant, hotel or resort where the comfort level of the customers is the up most important factors weather if your business success or fail. They control how efficiently the business operates in providing a pleasant and entertaining environment for customers. It could be in your restaurant, hotel and resort lobby, outdoor cafe,

  • Points to consider:
  • Flow Patterns
  • Distance
  • Furniture Arrangements
  • Speed/Turnaround times

These will help create an atmosphere that suits the environment and ensures that staff can work efficiently. All providing a great customer experience.

Flow Patterns
The flow of a restaurant must be considered carefully. How smoothly things run will affect the experience the customer has and ultimately return trade. The layout of a restaurant is key in ensuring a hassle free flow of people. Fast and professional service requires efficient flow in a restaurant.

Very Important. There should be at least 18" between chairs, ensuring customers don't get bumped by staff or other customers. Extend this distance for finer dining. The distance from the back to front of house is also a crucial element of any floor plan.

Furniture Arrangements
For restaurants that have greeting or waiting areas, this area must be close to the front door so it can be seen but not too close to block traffic entering and leaving the restaurant. If larger groups are common, a larger greeting area will be required.

A restaurant used primarily for meetings needs:
To encourage interaction between guests with face to face seating and an asymmetrical bar shape.

  • A restaurant used primarily for private dining needs:
  • Wide spaced tables.
  • Tables at angles to each other to restrict views.
  • High backed seats.
  • Chairs in a row, creating a barrier.
  • Using divider or wall to separate seating areas to create sense of privacy.
  • Linear bars.
  • Booth seating, although this is inflexible so requires careful thought.

Square tables allow flexibility and re-arrangement, depending on the size of group booked. If you are running. The Hexagon shape bamboo bar counter will add a touch of Tropical theme if you do not mind the small size bar table style.

Light chairs like the bamboo chairs can be moved easily and don't damage floors expecially if you running a tropical theme hospitality business, like a tiki style bar or cafe.

Heavy chairs give a more elegant/regal feeling. Attaching felt glides protects floors and reduces noise.

Having a mix of table sizes and seating arrangements creates a visually interesting restaurant.

One option is to use planter divider walls to separate seating areas, the green plant and blossom flower will brighten the room and add a touch of fresh air to your customers dining experience. It is especially a delighted experience in the outdoor seating areas.

Speed/Turnaround times
Depending on your type of business you will want your customers to stay for different lengths of time. Turnaround times are a very important part of running a successful business.

In a fast food place or café, everything should be laid out for speed. Flow lines must be kept short and must not cross. The seating shouldn't be too comfortable as ideally people should only stay for about 30 minutes, and all the surfaces must be easily cleaned.

Whereas, a fine dining establishment requires thought about how many sittings you plan to have, e.g. 1 sitting or 2. The comfort of your seating must correspond with the length of time you wish customers to stay.

Every table needs to be the best in the house in some way!

e.g. If it has no view, add armchairs instead.

Always keep the customers' needs at the forefront of design.





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