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Wine Barrel Tumbling Composter                                    Open in up position  to load in materials

Composting is a natural biological process where bacteria, fungi and other organisms decompose organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and food wastes. The end product is called compost.

Our tumbling compost bin barrel is made of recycled wine barrels, the  thick oak wood wall of the barrel would work like an insulator and moisturizer to really heat up the composting materials fast, hence shortening the time to finished composts. Our wine barrel composter heats up the material much more faster than the plastic or metal commonly used in making the compost bins.

The tumbling action of our compost barrel makes it  easy to keep the compost turned and aerated. A well-aerated bin helps  accelerate the breaking down of waste materials into finished compost, the Black Gold. Picture on right show Composter Open in a flip position  to unload material.

A galvanized rod goes through the mid-section of the barrel for easy tumbling action while helping to loosing up the composting material  and greatly improving aeration. Our composters are designed to open up for putting in compost wastes. When opened in a downward position, the finished compost can be unload easily into a bucket or container. Easy spinning aided by the weight of wine barrel,  cedar wood stop at the bottom for holding position.

Under ideal conditions with daily spins, you may get the finished brown compost in three weeks, the actual time will depend on the conditions. You can also collect compost tea to perk up everything from vegetables to flowers to houseplanter or you can just drain the liquid away.

The barrel itself is 25" diameter and 35" height, it will hold 52 gallons. 2x4 cedar wood legs support are 20" height held together with heavy poly clams, very easy set up without the need for tools.

Key Features

  • Our wine barrel compost bin system is based on tumbling action which increases the aeration while completely mixing the material inside to fasten the composition.

  • Stainless steel rod going through the mid-section of barrel for easy tumbling.

  • The thick oak wood wall of the wine barrel keep the heat and moisture inside for faster biological process to turn the waste material into compost.

  • Made of recycled wine barrel, size is 35"L x 25"W, capacity is 52 gallon.

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Tumbling Compost Barrel with base

$258.27 + shipping

    26"W x 36"H

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