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   Bamboo Garden                                                        Estate Cedar Planter

Wood, bamboo and willow are natural, beautiful, warm and more environmental friendly than concrete, cement or steel. A component made of these natural material takes less energy to produce than the same in steel, aluminum, or concrete. It involves little chemical or toxic waste. Once empty, our storehouses of bauxite, iron, ore, coal and limestone can never be refilled. A forest, well managed, is eternal.

And whereas young, growing trees and bamboo are the most effective absorbers of CO2, the production of substitute material feeds the acid rain that's destroying them. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and the stems can be harvested repeatedly from the same plant. It's clear that by growing new trees and bamboos, we are providing the resource of the future. Are you environmentally responsible enough to specify wood next time?

We provide information to our customers on caring of the products in the Products Care section and information on how to use our products in the Products Know-How section. If you still have questions about products, please contact our customer service.

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