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Moso Bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens

Moso bamboo                                     Moso Bamboo timberland


Phyllostachys pubescens, common name Moso bamboo is a monopodial bamboo, An absolute giant in all respects, with blue-green culms (canes) and dense arching foliage and have a fuzzy texture. The distinctive internodes are very short near the ground, then lengthen to a foot or more higher up the culm. The leaves are smaller than those of many other bamboos and present a pleasant contrast to the massive culms. Moso bamboo pole stalks are considered among the biggest and most beautiful, growing to a diameter from 3 to 7 inches and towering to 80 feet with clusters of relatively small green leaves.

Native to China and Japan, the stems have many uses. This specie is the major source of edible bamboo shoots. It is hardy to 10F, Zone 10 in the USA. Ideal growing temperature is 72 F and higher.

Growing Moso Bamboo

Requires plenty of heat, water and feed to achieve towering, majestic and simply jaw-dropping hights of up to 70 ft. Hardy to about 0 degrees F, reliable in Zone 8 and most of Zone 7. Plant in full sun or light shade. Moso is somewhat more difficult to establish than are other bamboos. Some claim that it is helpful to start with a large division. Rhizome divisions are generally unsuccessful. Moso has a strong preference for well-drained, red clay soils.

As Landscape Ornamental Plant

In the landscape, these bamboos are best suited as background planting for large-scale situations. Beautiful giant bamboo specimen, grow well in South Carolina, and warmer part of USA.

Uses and Application

Moso bamboo is the most valuable bamboo in Asia, especially China, It is one of the most highly used plants for economic activities. The shoot have been providing food in Asia for thousand of years. Moso bamboo poles have been used to build houses and structure from the pre history time to now. New technology using Moso bamboo fiber to make flooring, clothing, plywood. Moso Bamboo�s strength, flexibility, and ready availability have made it a dominant structural material throughout much of the world for centuries. The possible uses of Moso bamboo seems endless, ranging from fencing, bamboo furniture, housing, outdoor structure, food, construction material, paper, irrigation, medicine, musical instruments, beer, even diesel fuel.







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