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Pre fabricated bamboo fence panels                       Rolled willow fence

Most of us take little notice of the fences that border our gardens, but they can be used to great effect in any garden design. Here we look at three types you might want to try, plus a simple way to make the most of what you already have.If you need screening inside your home or a portable fence, you should consider bamboo screen, they are highly portable, and can be fold away for storage.

Perhaps you are wondering whether or not you need a fence for your yard. Maybe you think that fences take a lot of work to put up, and you feel your yard would be better off without one. Some may be thinking that a fence will make their yard feel confined and small.

Deciding whether or not you need a fence is really a personal decision. If you have pets or livestock who spend time outdoors, then your need for a fence becomes obvious quickly. Many choose to put up fencing to keep their children safe when playing in their yards. Today’s society presents many hazards to young children, from dangerous individuals to speeding vehicles. Keeping your children safely contained in your yard is the goal of many parents.

Some individuals choose to put up fences to protect their privacy. Perhaps they do not want their neighbors watching everything they do in their yards. Another reason to want privacy for yard is the presence of a swimming pool. Those who wish to enjoy their pools without an audience often put up a fence to keep out prying eyes.

Identifying your reason for putting up fencing is the first step to choosing the type of fence you need. Different fences function in different ways. Cat fences are designed to keep cats inside the yard, but may not be appropriate for small children. Picket fences create a beautiful look in a yard, but add little to the privacy and protection you may want for your yard. Once you know why you need a fence, you will have an easier time knowing which fence is right for you.


Mask an ugly boundary                                         Add a touch of the orient to your garden
Cover a fence with ivy                                      Make a Japanese fence
Make a backdrop for your flower displays                 A simple design for an ornamental fence


Create a willow structure                                        
Make a willow structure                                          Put up a fence
Add a natural look to your garden                            Erecting or repairing a garden fence


Privacy fence
Add privacy to your home or backyard



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