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If you are looking for a natural ways to buffer the noise from passing traffic and maintain certain privacy for your back yard. Bamboo can be an excellent choice, not only as a noise buffer, but also as a privacy screen. The ideal way to buffer street noise is to interpose a solid (or nearly solid) mass between your home and the street. A bamboo hedge can form just such a mass, because bamboo's canes grow together so densely, by nature. No traditional hedge would allow you to erect so much mass, so quickly.

"A word of warning, though: when you buy plants for your bamboo privacy hedge, make sure the plants are labeled as "clumping" bamboos, as opposed to "running" bamboos. The latter give bamboo a bad name, due to their proclivity to spread out of control!

"One cold-hardy clumping bamboo that would be a great choice for either a noise buffer or a privacy screen is Fargesia rufa. Reputed to be a fast grower, Fargesia rufa tolerates more sun than many of the other cold-hardy clumping varieties (although I’d still try to make sure it received some afternoon shade in the summer). The specimen will quadrupled in size in one growing season. If you want a good screen about 8 feet high, plant them  about 5 feet apart. It is a very hardy clumping bamboo with orange-red culm (cane) sheaths. Space the plants for your bamboo privacy screen / noise buffer about 5 feet apart to form a hedge. They’ll reach 8 feet in height."

Then again if you cannot wait for the bamboo to grow or do not want the work of growing bamboo, you can always take a look at our wide choices of bamboo fences.


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