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Regional Gardening

USDA's Plant hardiness zone map can help you select garden and landscape plants that will flourish--not merely survive--despite winter's chill. The map was produced by scientists at the U.S. National Arboretum, part of USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

The map shows zones of the lowest temperatures expected each year in North America. Find your zone on the map. Then, use this wonderful plant selector to find trees, shrubs and vines which meet your needs. Or, find out about new plant releases and introductions from the U.S. National Arboretum.

For spring planting and to prevent frost damage to your crop or plants, check out our US Frost Chart in your area.

Gardening Where You Live

For gardening tips and information specific to your area, contact your State Cooperative Extension office. To locate an office near you, check the county government listings of your local phone directory under Cooperative Extension or Extension Agent.

Also consider contacting the Master Gardener in your area. Master Gardeners are people in your community who volunteer to teach their neighborhood and community about horticulture through the local Cooperative Extension office. They are paraprofessionals working to educate people about gardening and home horticulture.


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