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This website is dedicated to all gardeners--young and old, beginners and experienced, for rural, urban, and suburban areas. In this website, we've pulled together years of research and experience to provide you with useful gardening information.

In this site, you will find information on gardening basics such as planning a garden and general gardening information, different gardening techniques, gardening and your health, monthly gardening tips, garden maintenance, soil nutrient management, plant diseases,  insect control, and environment-friendly practices. Under regional gardening, you will find information specific for your location. We'll help you determine your hardiness zone and select plants that will thrive in your local environment.

Going back to our belief in preserving our environment for future generations, we created Sustainable Landscape Gardening in our website putting some environmentally friendly ways of gardening and practices together to share with you. We believe every gardener should put in their share of effort in practicing conservation in their backyard gardening.  Our world will be healthier and our gardens greener.

For the kids, we have a fun place called Kids' Garden, subjects related to gardening, agriculture, science, exploring, coloring, and more. 







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