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Gardening Basics

We have a series of gardening related topic on the left-hand column. New articles are constantly added generated from the questionnaires submitted by the gardeners visiting our site.

Gardening Information is a collection of articles with helpful information for gardeners.

Gardening Practices provides a number of ways and styles to garden at your home.

Gardening & Your Health focuses on the relationship between our human body and garden activities. 

Garden Fencing informs you on various things you can do for your fencing.

Gardening Maintenance is all about keeping your garden humming.

Fertilizer in Gardening provides knowledge to help you make wise decisions in using chemical fertilizers in your home garden.

Lawn and Landscaping talks about lawn care which makes up the majority of home gardening activities.

Plant Diseases strike all variety of plants and trees, there are many ways to identify and preveent them.

Soil and Ground Management includes issues concerning the heart and soul of every garden; the soil. 

Check back every month for Monthly Gardening Tips!

Below is a great collection of links to various gardening information and resources for the public.

Planning a Garden


Insect Control

Disease Control

Nutrient Management



Bees: A Gardener's Friend

Growing Herbs

Harvesting Vegetables

Attracting Wildlife

Planting Trees

Selecting Plants for Your Zone



Gardening Solutions

PLANT Answer Machine

A searchable web site that provides reliable, research-based information on a wide range of gardening subjects.

Horticulture Solution Series

Information from the University of Illinois on gardening topics such as flowers, houseplants, pests, soils, trees, vegetables, and more.

Home Horticulture Database

General gardening information from Michigan State University in a searchable database.

Horticulture & Home Pest News

Helpful gardening newsletter from Iowa State University.


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