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Classic Willow Round Teepee   WGT-48

Support your plant with this classic willow teepee flower support. This unique device supports plant stems during growing and mature periods to help plants reach new heights. The beautiful round teepee design offers flexibility for use with climbing plants or flowers. This lightweight support endures the elements with its strong, durable construction. Comes fully assembled and ready to use

Constructed with carbonized peeled willow sticks, they are light mahogany in color, we offer in 5' and 4' high. WGT-60CT open to 30" wide at the bottom at 57'H, WGT-48CT open to 22" wide at the bottom at 46"H.

Key Features

  • Classic willow teepee trellis as plant protector as well as lawn decoration

  • Willow teepee trellis offer protection as well as climbing structure for vines.

  • Expand to various height and lengths,  easy store away in off season.

  • Light mahogany tone adds color your landscape.

  • Open to 30" at the bottom at 57" height.

Pricing & Purchase







Classic Willow Round Teepee trellis

$22.42 + shipping



Classic Willow Round Teepee trellis

$30.88 + shipping



Classic Willow Round Teepee trellis

$39.88 + shipping






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