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Our people harvesting Guadua bamboo in Mexico

 also known as guadua angustifolia, it is real timber bamboo originating from South America, The genus Guadua include generally low-elevation bamboos but some memebers have been found at elevations up to 2,500 meters. Species of Guadua range from San Luis de Potosi in Mexico (23* N) to Uruguay and Argentina (35 S) but are not native to Chile or the west Indies, although G. angustifolia has been cultivated in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad.  Guadua occurs in diverse habitats including lowland tropical and lower-montane forest, savannas, cerrados, gallery forest, and disturbed inter-Andean valley vegetation. The generic name derives from the vernacular names used by indigenous communities in Colombia and Ecuador. Guadua angustifolia is the physically largest native bamboos in the Neotropics; its culms may reach 100 ft in height and 7 to 9 inches in diameter. Guadua angustifolia also is the most economically important tropical bamboo in America duo to its large size, exceptional timber qualities, versatility, and natural durability.

Guadua bamboo is very straight thick walled well spaced dark green culms with prominent  white bands at each of its closely spaced nodes. Thorny. Culms branchless for three to five metres with vivid light green medium sized leaves . Dark red to light bronze shoots contrasting the new green internode during early growth. Spectacular when mature.

One of the most economical important bamboo species in the world, the native of South America have been using this bamboo for construction, making tool, utensiles from the bamboo for thousand of years before the European arrived. Guadua is thick wall, and structurally stronger than the wood or even the steel in some respect.




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