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Crab shell is not a fungicide or nematocide. It's a great fertilizer with calcium and some extra benefits not found in other fertilizer products.

Crab shell is high in chitin, which promotes the growth of chitin eating bacteria. The exoskeletons of fungus and harmful varieties of nematodes eggs are high in chitin. When added to the soil, crab shell helps to create a hostile environment for the fungus and root destroying nematodes by feeding the biological life that eats chitin and chitin based organisms.

 The chitin in the crabshell stimulates soil organisms to secrete enzymes called chitinases. These enzymes degrade chitin, which is a component of flea egg shells. The presence of chitin in the fertilizer makes it a natural biopesticide that is non-toxic to birds, animals, fish, and plants.

Fertilizing your garden with the use of crab meal can be done on its own or combined with the use of other fertilizers. When combined, the manufacturer usually has their own directions for use. The same it true of crab meal fertilizer by itself. These instructions are unique to the composition of the fertilizer and for the desired application.

For specific vegetable and applications the use for the crab meal will be different. For instance, vegetables should have 5 lbs for each 50 foot row. Other uses include:

bulletHouse plants at 2 ounces per flower.
bulletTomatoes at 4 ounces per plant.
bulletTrees at 4 lbs. per tree.

When sowing the plant you should till the fertilizer into the soil before planting. If the plant is already in the soil, then tilling around the plant or simply spreading it around the base will be sufficient for a successful growing season. This is not a water soluble fertilizer. It must be applied by itself.

Mulching your garden bed has some great benefits. Mulch will hold moisture and keep weeds from starting around the plant. However, it is also useful for helping the crab meal better keep the plant fertilized. Spread the crab meal into the mulch and the time release qualities of it will continually feed the plant. You can also add some crab meal to your compost bin for an added boost in nutrition.

Crab meal makes for a tremendously beneficial organic fertilizer. Its time release quality will not over fertilize your plant, but will give it the nitrogen and protein it needs for beautiful, vibrant, and healthy produce. Use it on your trees, vegetables, or flowers for great results



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