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Just like any other types of fencing, bamboo fencing needs to be cared for regularly.

Check your bamboo fence  every few months for peeling, splintering, mold, or breakage. Insect nests are another potential problem, along with knotholes where birds may be nesting. Look for signs of termite infestation, and call an exterminator if you find them.

Depending on the kind of bamboo fencing you have, you may want to sand off any rough edges or remove protruding bamboo fragments that could cause splinters, especially if you have children or pets that are likely to play on or around the fencing.  You also may need to check for problem areas that need to be treated with fungicide, herbicide, or pesticide.

Bamboo fencing should be re-applied with a coat of clear outdoor sealer once or twice a year, linseed oil or polyethylene are great options. You should use a power washing machine to wash the bamboo fence first before applying a coat.

When applying a new layer of outdoor coating to your fence, you might want to put up a string barrier along the fence that you have painted to keep it from being bothered until it dries.

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