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This fibrous, two-ply 3.5mm or 0.138 thick bamboo twine is used to tie and hold bamboo joints. Make a figure-eight around the poles and then make a single loop knot to determine the amount of twine per each tied piece.

Some of the most popular traditional Japanese knots are shown on the right with some basic rules in working with bamboo poles

How to tie a Ibo knot
Ibo knot is a traditional Japanese knot on a standard looped square knot. While any tight knot will hold most bamboo joints, this style of knot gives a neat, finished appearance and is the standard in most Japanese construction. Follow the three steps shown on the right.

Basic rule in working with bamboo
Do not nail directly into bamboo. Pre-drill a pilot holes slightly larger than the nail and a nail driver to avoid crushing the cane with your hammer. Wood screws is a another good alternative.

Use only  fine hacksaw for cutting to avoid splinters.

Bamboo will rot after 2 or 3 years if it is continuously in contact with  soil. Therefore, use hardwood posts for ground-contact supports.
Apply natural preservatives like hemp oil or tung oil to bamboo. Petroleum-based preservatives may also be used


 Black palm bamboo twine        

                                   Various knots used in Japanese garden.


Key Benefits

  • Natural palm twine in traditional black color.

  • Use for lashing traditional Japanese garden fencing knots, will last for years.

  • Each roll is 75 feet long.

  • 3.5mm 0r 0.138 inches thickness.

Pricing & Purchase







Black bamboo palm twine,  75' L

$8.95 + shipping,

             75' L




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