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Bamboo building material is a certified green product because of its ability to grow into maturity within a span of 5 years. It grows on hills and poor soil where other vegetation may fail.

We supply a full line of bamboo building material for building, home, and commercial projects. We have all kinds of bamboo materials for your projects such as bamboo planks, bamboo panels, bamboo veneers, bamboo plywood, bamboo wall and ceiling boards, bamboo covers, bamboo moldings, bamboo caps,  bamboo towels- everything you need for your next great project and design.


Bamboo Planks                                                                         Bamboo Caps  & Molding


Bamboo Veneer                                                                         Bamboo Panels

Bamboo Plywood                                                                       Bamboo Double Loop Copper Wire Tie


   Bamboo Gates                                                            Bamboo Doors


Bamboo Panels                                                                        Bamboo Veneer


Bamboo Plywood                                                       Bamboo Double Loop Copper Wire Tie & Tool


Black Bamboo Twine                                                          Bamboo Dowel


Bamboo Lumber                                                                            Bamboo Rod






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