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Boedika Bamboo Rolled Fence                                                                                                                 Nabia Zoo, Coal Valley, IL

Nabia Zoo Photo Gallery, Coal Valley IL, click to enlarge

Bamboo fences are made of 3 year old mature 3/4" diameter bamboo poles.  These bamboo poles are beautiful and strong with a durability that can lasts up to many years.  These quality constructed large pole bamboo fences are crack resistant and make excellent outdoor bamboo fencing.

The Nam bamboo poles we use in building our fences are a minimum of one inch or over in diameter, cleaned and processed with a coat of oil for protection. The large pole bamboo fences are drilled and strung on 1/8" galvanized wire, so you will hardly see the wire.

Bamboo rolled fences can be installed between secured wooden posts which ideally should be 6-8 feet apart. Our bamboo cap and moldings can be added on for support and to finish off the look of your fence.  If you already have a fence structure like a chain link fence and want to cover it, simply just tie the bamboo rolled  fence to the existing structure to conceal it completely.

Use these bamboo fences in outdoor or indoor settings, as well as privacy fencing or screening in commercial premises or residential homes. These  bamboo fences come in rolled form, so they are flexible and easy to set up in tight spaces as well as on sloping, un-leveled landscape. We also do custom sizes, please call for pricing and availability.

Used indoor in a restaurant in Orlando  FL                                                        Residential fencing in LA California

Need information on installing your rolled bamboo fences? Click Installing Rolled Fences, for more information. You may also be interested in our  bamboo door or gate, to complete your fencing projects.  A variety of bamboo caps can also be added to the fences for a finished look.

Key features

  • We use three years old mature Chinese bamboo poles for long lasting fences. Will last up to 20 years. Bamboo used are  1.25" in diameter, whole bamboo poles.

  • Thick wall bamboo poles are trilled and strung on heavy galvanized wire so you are not able to see the wire. Nylon coated heavy galvanized wire will not rust in the outdoors.

  • Bamboo poles used in our fences are cleaned and processed with a coat of natural bamboo oil for protection.

  • Large pole bamboo fences come in many sizes to fit your needs. Heights ranging from 4',  6', . Standard panel length is 8', but you or we can divide the length to your custom size.

  • Custom lengths are available.  Any lengths less than our standard length will be calculated by the average feet per cost from the price of the rolls, plus $15.00 service charge. Please contact us for more information

Pricing & Purchase







Boedika rolled Bamboo Fence, 3/4" diameter poles

$75.23 + shipping, please contact us for discount freight for 8 rolls& over

    8'L x 6'H



Boedika Rolled Bamboo Fence, 1" diameter poles

$82.43 + shipping, please contact us for discount freight for 8 rolls& over

    8'L x 6'H



Boedika Rolled Bamboo Fence, 3/4" diameter poles

$47.43 + shipping, please contact us for discount freight for 8 rolls& over

    8'L x 4'H



Natural Bamboo Cap for fence top, 2"-2.5" diameter,1 1/2" opening.

$22.63 + shipping

   2"-2.5"D x 96"L



Split half Bamboo Cap as molding, 2"-2.5" diameter

$13.33 + shipping

   2"-2.5"D x 96"L


Big poles bamboo fences custom length available,  any length less than our standard length will be calculated by  the average per feet cost from the price of the roll plus  $12.00 service charge. Please contact us 1-800-574-7248 or email us for more information






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