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Our water tight wine barrel products includes rain barrels and water garden containers that are made from recycled genuine oak wood wine barrels. These barrels are constructed without any hardware and the barrels are kept water tight by wood dowels and rust proof metal ring straps around their exterior.

When you receive our water tight barrel products, please open the boxes immediately and install them in the places you plan on using them.  If under any circumstances you are not able to use them right the way, please fill them with water about 1/5 of the height of the barrel. After some time of storing them away, you need to rinse them with water once a month or more depending on the time of the year; they may need frequent rinsing during the hot summer months to keep them moist.

In case of leaking wine barrels because of dry out, you can try to rinse them extensively and fill the barrels up with water several times before the wood staves are soaked and returned to a water tight condition, this may need several refilling.



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