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When selecting a container, choose something to fit the setting and that will accent the plantís beauty and color. Generally, the size of the containers should be double the size of the root ball of the plant you intend to use. Containers can be made of different materials, cedar wood planter, bamboo, or log wood. Cedar and cedar log wood are generally stronger and will last longer than bamboo. We strongly recommend you use a liner in the bamboo planters for extra protection.


The most important part of planting (other than starting with healthy, robust plants) is to start with a good potting soil. Fill the container with potting soil, allowing room for plants to be set with a planting level of 1 inch below the tip of the pot to make watering possible. Mix an organic fertilizer into the soil or a time releasing fertilizer. Set plants still in their pots into the container to preview your arrangement.  When satisfied, begin planting. Work from the center of the container out to the edge. As you plant, rough up the roots, and set the plant firmly into place with additional soil. The trick to planting colorful containers is to over-plant a little to achieve a profusion of color. Plant flowers close together, but allow some room for growth.


Containers need more attention than plant beddings. Attention to watering, especially as weather becomes warmer and pots become fuller is essential to keeping planters colorful and healthy. Frequent watering depends on the size of container, plant species and weather conditions. Itís a good idea to check containers daily for watering needs.

Because plants are placed closer in containers and compete for available resources, fertilizing adequately is also very important. Beginning a month after planting, fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer, apply as directed by the manual.

Frequent grooming of plants will keep containers looking beautiful all year. Remove any yellow, diseased, or dead leaves. Removing spent blossoms will encourage more flowering.





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