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Simple posts installation


Curved line installation

Putting up your hurdles willow panels securely and correctly will help to prolong their life. It is advisable to install them as soon as possible. If they are to be stored, they should be left upright to allow air to circulate. You can use either stakes or posts to put up your hurdles. The stakes/posts can be hammered into the ground, or you can dig a hole and backfill with a hardcore or concrete post mixture. You will also be required to wire and attach the hurdles to the stakes/posts with galvanized wires or zip tie. You may also need to use staples (“U”-shaped nails), right-angled brackets and galvanized nails, depending on which method you use.



Method 1 (easiest method)

Position a stake at either end of the hurdle. Attach the hurdle by wiring the outer upright of the hurdle to the stake at the top and bottom. If you use this method, both sides of the hurdles are equally attractive.


Method 2 (easy method)

Using round stakes, support the hurdles by positioning the stakes behind the hurdle at both ends (A) Alternatively, place the stakes directly behind one of the hurdle’s vertical sticks approx. 18” (46cm) in from the end of the hurdle (B) for extra support. The hurdles are then wired to the stakes at the top and bottom.


Method 3 (intermediate method)

This method requires you to construct a post and rail framework on which to mount the hurdles. Position the posts so that each end of the hurdle overlaps half of the width of each post. Use one or two rails depending on the height on the hurdles. If you use two rails, position them near the top and then approx. 2 / 3 of the way down (see diagram). Attach the rails to the posts either using a right-angle bracket (A) or by first carefully drilling pilot holes and then hammering in two nails (B). You can then attach the hurdles to the posts at three different points using staples and wire (C). The rails should be flush with the edge of the post to offer the hurdle good, lateral support.


how to preserve your hurdles 

Preserving your hurdles will help to extend their life. Use either a water-based, over-the-counter preservative or boiled linseed oil and genuine turpentine (1:1) (traditional method). Allowing larger-leaf varieties of ivy to grow over the hurdle can also preserve the hurdle. You may prefer to let the hurdle age naturally without preservatives to a silver-grey color for a rustic look. Using the traditional preservatives will darken the willow with time.

Circular or curve way installation

                                                           HOW TO MAKE A CIRCULAR PATTERN

The great thing about willow hurdle fence panels are that they are flexible so you can bend them up to 120 degree during installation.  Before you start doing anything, soak the panels in water for at least 4 hours, this will help the willow sticks to soften and make the panels easier to bend without breaking them. You may also need to stalk the posts firmly into the ground both inside and outside of the curved panels to maintain the circular pattern. Stalks as many as needed. 4 panels of 2' height and 6' wide panels can from a circular wall of about 6' in diameter.







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